Patrick Shivers, Teacher & Baseball Coach

My name is Patrick Shivers and I have lived in and around the Chambers County area my entire life. My wife, Aubryn, and I, along with our 15 month old son John-Patrick currently live in Chambers County. I have been a teacher in the Chambers County School System for six years and along with teaching I am also the head baseball coach and an assistant football coach at Valley High School.

I chose to lay roots in Chambers County because it has a foundation built on hard work and perseverance. This little town and community I live in has been through a transition that has turned some communities into ghost towns. When I was a kid, Chambers County was a thriving county. It was supported with the four textile mill villages of Fairfax, Langdale, River View, and Shawmut, all residing in the City of Valley.

The mills were a huge part of Chambers County, but with the decline of the American Textile industry, Valley was faced with the necessity to once again reinvent itself. Through the work of the CCDA, Chambers County has done just that. Chambers County has the best of both worlds to me, small town atmosphere with the opportunities of big city development.

I am amazed with all the new and local businesses that continue to grow in our community and I look forward to seeing what the future for Chambers County holds. Chambers County will continue to be a hardworking, Blue Collar community that prides our self on persevering through to become more! We are Chambers County, We are “Strength Woven In!”

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