Kristina Story, Learning Treasure Preschool Owner/Teacher

I have lived and visited many places and I can say without any uncertainty that there’s no place like Chambers County.

My name is Kristina Story and my husband, Clifford and I, have spent almost our entire lives in Chambers County. We have raised and educated our children in schools within Chambers County.

I am a 1992 graduate of Valley High School. I teach at Lanett Jr High School and I serve as the head volleyball and assistant basketball coach for Lanett High School. I also have the pleasure of serving as “Aqua Mom” to our football team.

My husband and I own The Learning Treasure Preschool in Lanett. It has been a privilege to serve the families in this area for the past 13 years. Owning a small business in Chambers has been rewarding. The rewards don’t always come in a financial manifestation, but often come in the form of knowing that we have impacted a child and our community for the greater good. The children who have been entrusted to our care, along with their families, have become our family. The Learning Treasure Preschool affords us the opportunity to fulfill the God given mandate on our lives to love our neighbors as ourselves. The family atmosphere coupled with the support of the community is what has helped our business thrive.

It gives me great delight to own a small business in Chambers County. I wholeheartedly believe that our county is one of the state’s greatest hidden treasures. The support, commitment and relentless spirit of the residents of this county are unmatched.




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