Crystal Hill – Owner of Birds on a Wire Photography

My name is Crystal Hill and I have owned Birds on a Wire Photography for over 12 years. I have grown up in Chambers County; starting all the way back in pigtails at Central Elementary and graduating from Lanett High in 1996. I have met some of the most amazing people ever in this community of ours. I think one special key advantage about smaller communities is that often times there are more tightknit groups of people who will help you and encourage you to do your best.

I have traveled to several places around the United States and Canada. One thing that seems to be lacking is that special southern hospitality. Having a small community has its advantages. We speak to each other, we look at each other in the eye, and lots of times we already know what’s going on in someone’s life. So, when we see them out and about, we can do more than just wish them well on Facebook. We can actually put our arms around them and give them a big hug. That is what I love about our community.

I recall when I ran into some issues with how to manage my business and Mrs. Carolyn Lott helped me out of the kindness of her own heart. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this business and often times, I felt helpless when I would try to research it for myself via means of Google, etc. All it took was walking into Mrs. Carolyn Lott’s office and she had someone help me. This was probably 10 years ago when she helped me get on the right path for my business. She may not even recall this, but it is something that I will never forget.

I am so proud to be a small business owner in Chambers County. I definitely encourage everyone to shop local and to use local vendors whenever possible. Often times small businesses are not able to afford marketing and most of the time, we depend on word-of-mouth. What makes this community such a lovely place to live and own a business is that people hype your business up and encourage you. This is what makes Chambers County a wonderful place to live!

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